Refer your Clients to A List-A-House Agent!

At List-A-House Referrals, we offer currently inactive agents the opportunity to register with a referral company and keep their license active.

As part of our referral program, you will be able to earn a referral fee for every client that closes a transaction. This is a great way for licensed agents that at the time do not engage in Real Estate transactions to earn additional income by referring client.

Your only job is to refer the client, a List-A-House agent will then initiate contact and see it through to the completion of the transaction. Referral agents do not need to register with the local board of Realtors. Referral agents earn money and pay no cost for this service.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity and start earning income to today!

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List-A-House Realty, LLC.
2740 E. Oakland Park Blvd #303.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33306.
Phone: (954) 292-4012


List-A-House Realty, LLC.
3389 Sheridan St #432.
Hollywood, Florida 33021.

List a House for Sale

Listing a house for sale is an adventurous job but nevertheless, our agents will assist you in all of your needs during the transactional aspects of your property listing.

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